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Periodontal Treatment

You simply can not ignore bleeding gums! They may be a sign of gingivitis, a gum disease which, if left untreated, can cause serious problems, pain and money! In fact, more people lose their teeth due to gum disease than from tooth decay! So if your gums are bleeding, you need to seek prompt treatment by calling ABC Dental Centre at (07) 3371 5441 to schedule an immediate appointment.

What Causes Your Gums to Bleed?

Shark with mouth wide open

Poor diet can be a contributing factor to gum disease.

Imagine this scenario you’re brushing your teeth and you notice blood on your toothbrush and all over the inside of your mouth. If this is a first-time occurrence, you usually panic what could possibly be wrong here?

Infection, injury, or inflammation is the usual cause of bleeding gums. If you don’t brush or floss properly, a thin layer of plaque can form at the gum line. Gingivitis, or swelling of your gums, can quickly set in, causing the initial bleeding.

How Can I Prevent My Gums from Bleeding?

There are lots of ways to protect your gums from disease. Here are some to consider:

  • Brush you teeth gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss after each meal; change your toothbrush frequently
  • Avoid using mouthwash that contains alcohol this can aggravate the situation
  • Keep your diet healthy; avoid carbohydrates and sugary snacks that invite plaque buildup on teeth and gums
  • Take necessary vitamin supplements; ask your doctor about any prescription side effects that may affect your gums
  • Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco; obviously these can’t possibly help the situation
  • Come in for your regular exams in fact call us right now to get on our calendar!

Gingivitis can lead to more severe periodontal gum disease, jaw bone disease and even loss of teeth if it is not addressed in its earliest stages. Please, make a call to our office if you’re experiencing any bleeding of the gums. We are always here to help you!

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