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ABC Membership Program

banner-cosmetic-dentistryThe ABC Membership program is designed for patients currently without private insurance to receive necessary preventative dental care. As a member of ABC Dental Centre, you will receive two FREE check-up and cleans, (including fluoride treatment, intraoral images and 2x x-rays) per year.

Membership Fee:

  • Adult: $7.50/ week
  • Child: $5/ week (from 5-15 years of age)

Setup Fee: $30/member

Treatment Non-Member Price Membership Price
2x Oral Examination $110 12 Monthly
Payments of $30 Adult: $360
2x Scale & Polish Clean $200
2x Fluoride Treatment $70
2x X-ray $82
2x Intraoral Photos $70
Total Cost $532 Save $172

Key Features

15% off all general dental treatments*

  • Affordable prices with periodic payments
  • No waiting period
  • For patients without private insurance
  • Not affiliated with any other business, private insurance company or payment plan.



ABC Dental Centre | (07) 3371 5441